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Mar. 27th, 2020


[sticky post] For Userpic Seekers and Newcomers

For newcomers

Greetings, and welcome to (one of) my corner of the web. Most of my journal is friends-locked, so if you're not on my friends-list, and/or not logged in, most of my entries won't be available for your perusal. If you wish to see what makes this bahr tick, répondez s'il vous plaît (please reply).

Friday Pix

  • I try to have a dozen images.
  • My journal is pretty much friends-only, but I try to remember to set Friday Pix as Everyone (Public).
  • Because it's friends-only, I have comments-from-non-friends screened. Don't worry, I'll unscreen your comment, when I get there! Honest!
  • The images will not knowingly be unsafe for younger viewers. If I totally clue out, and post something workplace-unsafe, let me know, and I'll do... something. Either change it or remove it entirely, depending on situation.
  • Thanks, archmage, for the previous Pix.

Two things for icon-seekers

  1. I'm trying to update my list of what I've scrounged and what I've created.
  2. If you yoink an avatar that I've created, please comment here and credit me in your avatar list. "Created by <lj user="snobahr">"
  3. I'll take the occasional polite request.
  4. There are some avatars that I ask people not to use. Please don't use them.
  5. If you really, really like stuff that I've made, and happen to have it to spare, please know that I have a tip jar, thankeemuchly.
  6. Okay, this was more than two things.

For Other Filkaholics

Filk-related entries (Such as SnoBahr Filks) can be found HERE.

Thank you.

One last thing, regarding Instant Messaging, I have received oodles of friends-requests from spambots. It doesn't help that I don't open my IM program that often, so things stack up. If you want to Friend me on AIM, Y!, or MSMessenger, please let me know via LJ or email.
Thanks again :)

May. 22nd, 2015


(no subject)

We get broadband back Saturday afternoon! EEEE!!

May. 20th, 2015


So... this happened.

I can only claim that I tripped and fell across my keyboard.


Tarot-based Patreon. Oops.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love reading the cards, just not so much face-to-face.

Apr. 19th, 2015


Will Emblazon For Tips

No, really... I'll make heraldry crap. I really enjoy working in inkscape, now. I've kind of gotten the hang of it, and I'm happy. Yay, me.

Feb. 6th, 2015


Shamelessly plugging.

I'm going to be a bit more informative, here, than I am on FB. Business is still slow. We got an order for 100 (one hundred) tablet weaving cards, and that shipped out yesterday (Thursday). But it doesn't pay the bills, y'know? Puts a wee dent, but...

So, I was perusing things, and saw that wood butter is awesome, easy to make, and requires very low startup. If we were to have a supply of them onhand, we'd instantly have SOMETHING we can sell at SCA events, even if we didn't have our tarot boxes and whatnots on-hand.

Butter Your Wood! GoFundMe campaign, because wood butter exists already, so I'm not sure it would have flown as a KickStarter project. I'm not looking to make a thousand dollars with this (although, that would be awesome), but I'm hoping to have the funds by the end of February. It would be nifty if we get interest in it from a couple of the local woodworking/craft lumber supply shops. Hell, I should probably also poke at a couple of local hobby stores, once we have all the supplies to make a quantity...

We're also planning on making more of the weaving tablets. The 100 we sold? It was 50 3-hole, and 50 6-hole sets. How nifty is that? The only Etsy store carrying those is in Poland. Hah.

Oct. 30th, 2014


I wish news was better.

We got served our 3-day notice, at the workshop (Wulfenbahr Arts, for those who might have forgotten). As a result, one of the things we're doing is trying to raise the past-due rent (so we can stay where we're at), via GoFundMe, and we'd already launched an ongoing subscription campaign, via Patreon.

I'd be stupidly grateful if people pledged/subscribed, or just spread the word.

Aug. 18th, 2014


Cancer can die in a fire.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Feb. 21st, 2014

SCA-SillyBear Device, Bear-Green-bear

One Dollar Sketches

On FurAffinity, I'm doing One Dollar Sketches. You know, for a buck. I also posted this to teenycom, but the post is in queue, so I figured I'd spread the news.

In order to stretch my brain and fingers, I'm offering ONE DOLLAR (US) sketches. I'll sketch out (whatever, G-rated), ink it a bit with my sharpies, and upload for your amusement/entertainment/target practice. Check my gallery for recent sharpie sketches (they were birthday gifties on FB). Paypal only, to, not to be paid until I reply to your request (and payments sent as gifts/donations will be treated as gifts/donations. Service/product only, please)

In order not to get overwhelmed/buried, I'm limiting it to 10 sketches. I'll open it again after I finish every 10th sketch.

Feb. 2nd, 2014


So, I'm not dead.

Seriously, I'm not. I'm just not active on LJ... This might be changing, now that I'm doing all the web stuff for Wulfenbahr Arts (that laser engraving/embroidery place thingy my hubby owns/runs). I'd been so distracted by everything else (online, mainly), that LJ got put on the back burner...

...and kind of forgotten.

... oops.

So, anyway, I'm here!

I'm reading back entries, and dropping things that don't hold much interest to me any longer (the ThinkGeek feed, some fan stuff, all the Cheeseburgr feeds, etc.). But, anyways, ta daa!

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Jul. 16th, 2013


Making a buck.

So, over on FaceBook, I have started making birthday videos for my friends. On their birthdays. Sort of like THESE. Well, no, exactly like those. And I'm offering to make them for people I don't know, for a buck (paid via PayPal).

The videos will have the following:

  • Date and recipient's name on the sheet of paper I hold in front of the camera for about 5 seconds
  • A happy doodle (in sharpie marker) on that sheet of paper
  • Me, singing a 10-second birthday greeting, TO the recipient ([Name]! This is your birthday song! It isn't very long! Hey!)

Yup. That's the song. Right there. It can be posted to FaceBook or YouTube. The default is FB, unless YT is specifically requested.

Feb. 8th, 2013


Friday Pix

Yes, I'm a bad bahr. I'm sorry I've been slacking on Friday Pix. I'm no archmage, after all!

Wuchang Railway Station in China
Yeah, I got derailed a bit. But come on in and get back on track!Collapse )


Jan. 25th, 2013


Friday Pix!

So, after two weeks of being sick, I'm back! Walking pneumonia sucks. But Friday Pix cheers me right up!

Walkies photo Walkies_zps179541d7.jpg
Watch your step, though... as you come on in!Collapse )


Jan. 16th, 2013

bear-sick, bear-splat

Friday Pix Delayed

Obviously, Friday Pix got skipped last week. This was due partly to my household being down with what has since been diagnosed with walking pneumonia, and prepping for HRM Steam Symposium (which we had to be at by 10am to set up for a noon opening).

Friday Pix will be back this Friday, 18 25 January 2013!


Jan. 7th, 2013


Friday Oops. I mean, Pics.

I'll, uh, blame it on the new year. Yeah, that's it...

Foggy Forest
And the fact that this is the landscape of my brain, lately. Ah, well. Come on in and get lost with me.Collapse )


Dec. 28th, 2012


Friday Pix - VII

I probably have the number off, but... eh.

It&quot;s a bahr! Out of sno!
It's a bahr! Out of sno! EEEEEEEE!

Don"t worry - I don"t bite. C"mon in!Collapse )


Dec. 21st, 2012


It's that time of week, again!

It's a day of all kinds of niftiness.

  1. It's the Winter Solstice.
  2. It's the end of the Mayan calendar.
  3. It's time for Friday Pix!

Helpful Tip
There's nothing like truth in advertising. But one must wonder, how often do people just not see the sign?

I bet you"ll see THIS one! Click and enter!Collapse )


Dec. 14th, 2012


Finally, FridayPix!

Wow! Today definitely needs Friday Pix.

Peekaboo Tiger
It"s okay, Hobbes. It"s safe in here.Collapse )


FridayPix will be late

It'll still happen today, but later in the day. I have a lot of running around to do this morning, and I don't have the thumbdrive that I've been storing pix on for upcoming Fridays.

Don't worry! It'll still happen!


Dec. 7th, 2012


Friday Pix - IV

It's that time of week, again!

Coffee. O bless&quot;d coffee
Grab a cuppa and come on in.Collapse )


Nov. 30th, 2012

Nature-Sir David Antlerborough

Friday Pix

Panda Mittens Gone Wrong
Get a grip on yourself and c"mon in.Collapse )


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